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EvoPoetics: The Holy Ranger Trademark

A comment on the originality of Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum

The published and recorded works of Martin Jack, and his lectures, readings and concerts through the years, have established him as the originator of Harley-Davidson poetry, music and philosophy.

When anybody refers to 'biker poetry and music' in general they are doing so as a result of Dr. Rosenblum's actual work or his influence upon others.

There have been many imitators of his unique style, and countless tributes. The imitators are amusing. But it is the tribute artists for whom we have much respect, for an attribute of Martin Jack's philosophy is that the culture of the motorcyclist should be shared at the campfire.

Harley riders have been tired of the 'born to be wild' themes for at least a decade. The media keeps playing the same tune because it does not seek more than a trivial sound bite and, as anybody with any sense has realized, journalism in all forms today is more entertainment than quality reportage. The imitators of Holy Ranger Poetry, Music and Philosophy are easy to recognize for their lack of authenticity, and the artists who pay tribute to that which Martin Jack has created are the authentic medicine men and women to whom serious attention should be paid. One can never expect much in depth from the media when it comes to the significance of Harley-Davidson fine and folk art, and certainly the aesthetic of being a Harley rider will not be imparted truthfully nor with any creative intelligence by imitators of the lifestyle about which Martin Jack preaches.

There are many books that cite Martin Jack's influence properly (a recommended one is Outlaw Machine by Brock Yates). Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum creates and purveys the lore of the rider. (Harley-Davidson Lore is a book for which Martin Jack is responsible, in fact, having created the title and concept; and in his Forward, he says more than all the news reports and imitators will ever say on the subject. You will find his Forwards in many fine historical and cultural texts, too, as he works diligently to see better published works go into print.) You will hear from many riders that they have had an awakening due to the EvoPoetic visions of The Holy Ranger.

But the most inspired tribute to the lifework of Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum is to create your own personal art and philosophy. One of the essential messages in all of Martin Jack's scholastic and artistic output is that every individual rider is a folk artist and can ride like the shaman through rain and wind, arriving at a spiritual destination along the road journey taken.

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