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"Got To Keep An Eye On Things" is one of the working titles for the new album by Martin Jack Rosenblum. This is a four-song EP of new material that melts out of the latest album, Ice Thorn, with the same Werewolf Sequence band with special guest artists.

or Sometimes a Pick up Truck Carries our Memories.

Story by K. Peddlar Bridges

I don't know if you're anything like me, but, old cars and old trucks always get my heart to thumping. In fact, sometimes it doesn't even take the whole car or the whole truck to haul my heart and memory away. Just the sight of an old photo of an old grill, or an old calendar with the picture of a 53 Ford on it, or even a few custom car parts on a Flea Market Table, such as a chrome air bonnet or an old Chrome exhaust echo can, can be shards enough from the past to start picking away at the safety locks on my heart and memory.

A quick stop off at my office or my garage will prove fact to this statement.

Such things as a Stromberg 97 carburetor from an old Ford Flathead, or The Flying Plane hood ornament from my 53 Ranch Wagon, or even a single 1956 Olds tail-light complete with hook up wires becomes art deco to the true automobile art officianado.

So, when my friend Martin Jack Rosenblum, Harley-Davidson's Former Poet Laureate and Historian, wrote to me telling thanks for the Pumpkin Patch Cars' story link, and that his new up coming record album cover will feature the photo of a 1940 Chevy Pick Up truck grill, I was not surprised because I know he is a man who appreciates form and beauty, as well as the machinery of historic America.

The photo of the Chevy Pick Up truck grill that Martin Jack wrote to me about will grace the cover of Martin Jack's new album ( GOT MY EYES ON THINGS ) being recorded on the Neven Record Label; featuring Martin Jack and the Werewolf Sequence band. The Chevy Pick Up truck belongs to Wayne Lebeaux of Boston, Mass. Over the years, Martin Jack has produced several music CDs, and has published several books including the only Bikerpoetry book to carry a Harley-Davidson catalogue parts number: (THE HOLY RANGER). Recently, Martin Jack performed at a Harley-Davidson celebration gathering in Milwaukee that featured over thirty bands and highlighted Bruce Springsteen.

Wayne Lebeaux, owner of the pick up truck, is a road manager for Bruce Springsteen, the Monkees, and Ringo Starr. Lebeaux was also the director of travel for the Boston Celtics for 18 years. Lebeaux says that he bought the truck last January in Key West, had the truck brought north to Boston, and restored. Lebeaux describes the now Pearl White paint job as "Elegant White." The truck is an excellent restore from bumper to bumper, including its fine Pearl White interior paint work. Lebeaux also says that he spent about two years looking for the right truck and searched ads, e-bay, and the net, but in the end, he found (the right truck) by word of mouth, and the first photos he saw of the truck were of the old fashioned "from the Drug Store" nature.

When asked if he has attended any Car Shows or Cruise Nights with the pick up, Lebeaux answers, "Yes one or two times, but my work in the music business keeps me on the road much of the time." Lebeaux also owns a late model Harley-Davidson Heritage which he often rides in the warmer weather. Lebeaux also adds that he would like to rent the Chevy Pick Up truck for film and movie use.

So, in the end all things are equal to the sum of their parts; be the parts an Old 30's Ford V/8 hub cap hung on the wall as art deco; a chromed Flathead Ford piston used as a paper weight, or a photo of a 1940 Chevy Pick Up truck grill used as an art graphic on an album cover, for sometimes, Pick Up trucks carry our memories, and sometimes Pick Up trucks carry our dreams.

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