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Deputy Chuck's
Freedom Rider Saloon

Deputy Chuck keeps the peace and deals the cards in the Freedom Rider Saloon.

Deputy Chuck's Freedom Rider Saloon,
a story by Cicero DeWestbrook

The man who is the card dealer at this Ranger Website is Chuck. Chuck is a deputy at the Outpost established at the edge of the Midwestern Territories. If you walk into his Freedom Rider Saloon, you do not have to check your pistols at the bar because all who enter carry Colt Hoglegs and know they are with pals so there is no cause to disarm. The card games are with marked decks so everybody knows they better play hard to win. In this way, these poker sessions are just like life itself.

The Holy Ranger is there, and so is Cole Younger. Frank James will show up now and then and so will I.

Let me introduce myself. I am Cicero DeWestbrook. You might have read my liner notes for Martin Jack's "Down On The Spirit Farm" album, and his new CD, "No Freedom, Honey."

I have ridden with Mr. Younger and Mr. James, and when I first met Martin Jack it was at a card game that is reported in his book, The Holy Ranger: Harley-Davidson Poems. That poker night is very similar to the ones now that take place in the Freedom Rider Saloon, dealt by Deputy Chuck.

Chuck rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. His knowledge of Websites as maps is legendary. He is used to looking at maps for journeys on his bike, and he realized that a Website is just like a map used to seek a destination.

The destination via this Website is to locate the aesthetic that has been created over the years by Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum.

At a recent poker night here at the Freedom Rider Saloon, I outbid everybody and was bluffing; I won.

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