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The Holy Ranger Poems

On, in reference to THE HOLY RANGER: HARLEY-DAVIDSON POEMS by Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum, a reader from Florida wrote a Customer Review that gave the book's Ranger Evopoetic Poetry a Five-Star rating, which is the highest. Here is that unsolicited Review:

"Martin Jack Rosenblum in this collection conveys the thrill of owning and riding the pride of America - the Harley-Davidson. The reader also gets a glimpse of a childhood and a life in America's heartland, and frequently draws parallels between the modern biker and the horsemen of the old west. In the past, Harley lovers have fallen back on the old saw, "If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand" as a way to avoid putting words to something embraced so passionately".
Now they can say "Read Rosenblum; he explains ... and you will understand!"

Last updated June 3,2006.

Early Spring on a Harley-Davidson

with trees
against sky
& earth grass

dusted upon snow

there are hollow
rusted cars along
the road as though

hungry deer in fields

The Holy Ranger

climbs into the
easy chair from
his saddle then
lights his pipe

& removes leather
gloves to hold his
fourteen-month old girl
while the nine-year old

girl tosses soup bones to
Harley the dog whose size
has increased the food budget
this fall & as he gets a kiss
from all these critters he is
still on the ride with Corey
to Butler Biker Days as that

Softail cut trail moving through
traffic like a chrome scout & his
wife hands him a favored Hank Williams, Jr.
album over the baby pulling at the white hairs in
his beard: then settling into reveries with
Jim trying to keep the generator trailer
sending power to tattoo needles singing
Fat Bob images or earlier in the week
a wizard chanting on Kelly's arm as
he reaches into a Shovelhead while
out back Doug's trigger job is
explored on the 1911 Model &
then Steve has sold that
Sturgis but only if no
handlebar alteration
takes place wheh the
Rabbi pulls in on his Full Dresser
which moors at the edge of a photo
taken of Smiley in the Arizona six
gun sun wearing a Derby but by now

Molly has to be in her crib & Sarah
in her bath & me & Maureen might even
meet later on once the house settles into
hallowed silence but for the rasp of exhaust
stutter meditations as The Holy Ranger leans
across a late dinner table reaching for Sunday
night leftovers flavored by a season of roads
taken with comrades chasing mysterious winds .

The Sportster Accessory

I sure like those Springers
& a Low Rider has always been
my idea of a real motorcycle,

yet this 30th Anniversary Sportster
feels more like a quarter horse for
me with its vibrations instead of bucking:

but one morning I came out to the garage
to find horseshit on the floor & would say
this is quite an official Harley accessory

that research & design got just right
for us who want things rustic & natural --
it's the ideal XLH option

that I'm sure will be
an Eagle Iron catalog
addition with less of a stink to it but
just as much
of a pile.

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