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Holy Ranger Photo Album Page 4

These photographs were taken during the recording sessions for the No Freedom, Honey album and are Copyright 1999 by Daniel De Lone. Martin Jack is playing a Deering Black Daimond Long Neck Banjo.

Copyright 1999 by Daniel De Lone

Martin Jack and Jack Grassel reveling at the re-issue of MUSIC LINGO in August of 2002, and available at

MUSIC LINGO reissue history: Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum and Jack Grassel create Music Taking Poetry Too Far.

The fourth edition of MUSIC LINGO and the first on compact disc has been reissued from Frozen Sky Records. Performing as a voice and guitar duo known as The Holy Rangers in the early eighties, Rosenblum and Grassel cut new paths into poetry and jazz composition and performance, and now with this CD re-issue of MUSIC LINGO again provide poetry and music that is too crazy for your body.

Rosenblum and Grassel were heralded in the fine art press in 1987 when MUSIC LINGO was initially released as having created a verbal and musical duo performance. This is not poetry accompanying jazz. This is not a poem set to guitar inventions. This is the poetry from Martin Jack Rosenblum and the music from Jack Grassel successfully improvising, live in concert, a unified level, establishing a new art form. Visit Grassel's Website ( to discover the genius of this player. Martin Jack has done poetic liner notes for nearly all of Grassel's many albums and contributed a song to one of them, and worked with him on the very first Ranger album (I AM THE HOLY RANGER, noted elsewhere at this Website for its originality and now rarity). At Martin Jack's legendary Daytona Bike Week concert in 1989, Grassel was the lead guitarist (and can be seen performing with him in a vintage photograph taken during the first song that night, reproduced at this Website in the Photo Page section).

MUSIC LINGO is outrageously innovative and now on CD to scare you.
It is music taking poetry too far and is too crazy for your body.....

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