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Holy Ranger Photo Album Page 1

More Holy Ranger Photos, some Vintage shots of Martin Jack Rosenblum.

Rosenblum's first band, The Morning String Band,
was dedicated to the preservation of
American Old-Time Acoustic Music.
Which one do you think is the Holy Ranger?
The answer at the bottom of this page.

The Holy Ranger reading from his book of
Harley-Davidson Poems in 1989.

The Holy Ranger performing at
Daytona Bike Week in 1989.

The Ranger Band 1990
left to right: Victor DeLorenzo, Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum, Jim Eannelli

Answer: Rosenblum is the one on the right.
Today's well-known folk duo, Peter and Lou Berryman, are second and third to the left of Martin Jack.

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