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Katalyst Performance Associates Co.
Linda K. Lindquist


To form a strategic alliance with artists, and provide cost effective services in the music and publishing industries, while maintaining integrity and creative purpose.


Artist Management
Public Relations
Artist Relations
Internet Marketing
Emerging Technologies
Talent Development
Competitive Intelligence
Photograph and Art Direction

Artist Alliances:

Violent Femme's delightfully unpredictable and three platinum award-winning Victor DeLorenzo.

Purveyor of Bard Rock and all things that rattle the soul: Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum.

Ash Can School: Hyperactive collaborative energy fronted by Janet's ravishing vocals.

Unleashed and ignited; musician, songwriter and producer, Vincent J. Orange.

The Loners: They hit the ground running while kicking rutt.

For more information: Katalyst Performance Associates Co., 262-677-1049;

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